A designer by trade, Sejal Shah has always been involved in styling her own shoots and helps others with the styling of their own shoots. Having graduated with a BA(Hons) degree in Fashion Atelier from the University for the Creative Arts, she gained experience working for couture labels, constantly surrounded by styling of looks for displays or for clients.

In both her couture label, Sejal Anujah Shah, and her styling, Sejal aims to bring on a unity of cultures through fashion. Growing up in a culture so different to that of your family heritage can be a difficult road to navigate. It is this clash of persona’s that informs Sejal’s styling choices. Why can’t we use the melting pot that is this world to style our own identities through clothing?

Along with with fashion styling, ANUJAH SHAH works to help bring fashion events to more people, giving them an insight into the glamorous world that is the fashion industry.