Calligraphy by Payal

Payal is a calligrapher, painter and qualified architect, who has been in the design industry for 14 years. She has worked for leading London architectural practices and has been the projec architect on high end listed properties and new builds, where attention to details is imperative.

Payal’s passion for design and craft, experience in project managemen and her technical flair has lead her to rain in calligraohy three years ago.

In addition to writing in pen and ink, Payal has an avid interest in watercolours and enjoys creating mixed media artwork which feature calligraphy, watercolour paintings, typed text and wax seals. These translate into beautiful and unqiue bespoke wedding and event stationary.

Payal enjoys working wih her clients at the early concept stages and can design and curate exclusive staionary, entirely personalised to the event.