Aisha SadiQ; curator of a very bespoke fragrance brand called EsQue. A rarefied woman who embodies style, elegance and creativity .

After teaching 10 years abroad she moved back to her birth place in London to continue her passion for working alongside children with special needs.

Soon after; the journey with EsQue began in 2015 and now having a range of 10 unisex beautiful blends.

Unlike other fragrant producers that create scents based on popular trends, EsQue draws its inspiration from the elements in our everyday surroundings to create very unique and bespoke fragrances which are elegant as well as long lasting .

EsQue now looks forward to creating a further variety of fragrances which sings to us all in different ways; also to provide a service and experience that is unrivalled, exclusive and distinctive, something personal for you that you can talk about and most importantly feel special and unique with all day long.

Wear it, Own it, Love it, Live it, EsQue it.

Please do take a look at my Insta page as you will be able to view the different parfum bottles on there and reviews from customers
Look forward to hearing from you!

Thanking you,
Aisha SadiQ

Mobile: 07505 687 188