Ferozedean is a luxury designer accessory label and social enterprise. We hand design beautiful scarves, each with a positive message, and a purpose to drive a real social impacts.

Each time you buy our luxury silk scarves, you provide clothing, education and opportunities for women to sustain their families around the world as part of our partner programme.

As a brand, we seek to enure that our products are as sustainable as possible, from production to delivery. We are always thinking of ways to improve our production cycle to be efficient and systainable.

Our scarves are printed on 100% silk making them a highly renewable resource, with less impact on the environment than many other fabrics. We aim to print multiple orders at a time to minimize wastage and reduce our carbon footprint by shipping them in bulk where possible.

Our embroidered scarves are handcrafted by atrisans who are in need of work and a fair living wage to support their families.