Rubina Kapoor

Khubsoorat-CollectionA mainstay in the industry, fashion entrepreneur Mani Kohli’s name is now synonymous with strength, determination, creativity and relentless passion for work. Mani has been the head of Khubsoorat Collection for 30 years, and is now head of the British Asian Fashion Network – an organisation that she has created to promote, collaborate and connect members of the British and Pan Asian fashion community.

Steering the Indian fashion scene towards innovation, Mani pioneered the term ‘couture’ for British Asians. Her stunning and unique designs have paved the way for original and artistic interpretations of bridal, fusion and pret fashion. She is renowned for her timeless, feminine and refined designs. Her work effortlessly integrates ethnic fabrics and embroideries into a silhouette that is reflective of each individual client’s personality, body shape, lifestyle and of course, occasion. With Celebreties from

A hands on designer, Mani treats each client individually with warmth, sincerity and creativity. She takes pride in the fit of every dress and aims to create the most stunning and innovative designs for each client. Mani’s goal is to ensure her creations allow women to feel strong, feminine and glamorous.


She opened the doors to her first boutique in 1985, which today is one of the most sought after brands in the UK. Her designs are frequently featured in top bridal and fashion publications and regularly commissioned by celebrity and high profile clients. Mani has been celebrated as an entrepreneur with numerous awards and accolades as well as for her contribution to the fashion industry, nurturing and mentoring young fashion talent and campaigning tirelessly for a more ethical and structured industry with professional standards of practice.

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