Nazia Khatun

Nazia Khatun, ia a British born Muslim, Bangladeshi female specializing as a Body Transformational Coach. She takes female clients on a journey to recreate habits and patterns so that they are able to have a better relationship with food and exercise.

With a background in boxing and openly speaking about her own eating disorders (bulimia, anorexia and binge eating) she has been able to address some of the major issues that Asian females face when it comes to creating a healthier lifestyle and maintaining it.

Nazia’s niche group is working with South Asian and Arab females. Health and fitness is not seen as a priority as traditional gender roles still play a huge impact on what females can or cannot do within some family households.

The transformational journey is one to one lasting between six to twelve weeks. She developed a program to help females elevate their confidence levels and feel empowered by stepping into the best version of themselves as well as improving the different areas of life.

Fitness is a tool used to get clients to replace old habits with new ones, educating them about their ownbody types taking them through modules which enables them to take control and responsibility.

Her mission is to get each person to fall in love with their bodies and to accept themselves as they are. From my own experience and research, self-love is not taught to young females from ethnic backgrounds or rather it isn’t something that is encouraged as we go through adolescence and adult life.