Rumena Begum

Rumena Begum is a 23-year-old British born Bangladeshi Fashion & Beauty blogger based in London. Rumena is the third of six sisters who are all the best of friends.

Academically bright Rumena had no intention of becoming a blogger in her early years and after completing her GCSEs and A levels moved on to further education by studying Law at the University of Westminster. It is here her love for Beauty and fashion blossomed as she took a turn for the better and dropped out of university because Fashion and Beauty were her aspirations.

The first step in persuading her full-time career in becoming a blogger Rumena had to start working full time in retail to save money for a makeup course which she wanted to attend as it would help her career. After about a year of operating the 9-5 grind, she had enough money saved to do a 5-day intense makeup course. At this point, Rumena, whose Instagram following was currently at 10,000 followers continued to promote her work and build her clientele as well as following.

After much love, encouragement and requests from followers and friends Rumena started her YouTube channel where she was giving tips and tricks of makeup as well as testing products. By launching her Youtube channel, she gained more engagement and following from people who were loving everything she was doing and wanted more from her. Only naturally Rumena started getting on all the social networks where she had a different and defined following for each. BY running several successful social media channels, Rumena started getting approached by many brands to become an ambassador for them such as Vatika, Daniel Wellington to mention but a few.

We asked Rumena what she had to say about her journey to becoming a blogger, and this is what she had to say:

“Becoming a successful blogger will not be a smooth ride, expect both good and bad to come from it. Always be well organised and think one step ahead. Having a structured plan on what you intend to deliver is always a great start. Most importantly remember whatever you wish to blog about needs to be something you truly believe in and are passionate about doing or talking about. Sometimes you may have to make a few sacrifices, but this should only motivate you to do better and succeed. Think outside the box, think positive; make things happen and start today!”