Sandook Gems

A very young brand and what I very much call work in progress and which came about after having to re-evaluating a high profile position I have held in the NHS over the last 15 years and having to fit in renal dialysis 3 evenings a week! It was only when Life threatening surgery made me realise I needed a backup but something I have a passion for and of course was quite literally staring at me!

I have always found that whilst I have trusted tailors and purveyors of fine fabrics who pretty much take care of all my outfits I have always found finding the right jewellery a task and being a perfectionist well, I would hope my pieces speak for themselves each piece is handcrafted to perfection using only the finest quality Russian /Japanese Pearls and Iranian Crystals and completely bespoke in that I will never make the same piece twice!

Oh and of course last but not least the name a traditional very old wooden Sandook passed down to me by my parents on my wedding day!

Tel: 07958 305 317
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