Shay Grewal

Shay is a TV and Radio presentes at BBC WM 95.6FM and BBC Radio London with her husband Sunny. From Channel 4’s BAFTA nominated ‘The Family’ they delighted us as members of the Grewal’s whose antics were followed daily– their Punjabi wedding became a major part of the series and gave its non Asian viewers an insight into the build up to a British Asian wedding!

Since the success of the show they have gone on to host awards across the country, voice over large scale media campaigns, host TV shows and worked extensively with the BBC Asian Network.

Shay is winner of Media Award at the Prestigious Asian Woman of Achievement Awards in 2017 and Sunny & Shay have been nominated this year for GG2 Leadership Awards in Media recognizes the impact of their radio shows and profiles across the country.

Together Sunny and Shay are Global Brand Ambassadors for London Indian Film Festival and host regular Q and A’s most recently with Asif Kapadia BAFTA winner for documentary Amy and Q and A with X Files’ Gillian Anderson for her film ‘Sold’. Shay also writes her own column titled: ‘The 21st Century Daughter-In-Law’ for Asian Woman Magazine. Shay is also the global ambassador of UKs first ever Asian Woman Festival.