Top Indian Designers

Shashi is a Pharmacist, and the Director of Pharmaclinix Ltd, a Skincare company for Professional use. She has written several Beauty books, including, “The Ultimate Anti-Ageing Handbook”, “The Complete guide to acne treatment” & “The Complete guide to Skin Whitening”. She also writes regularly as a skincare expert for many magazines globally.

However, she has always been passionate about sarees & Indian fashion, and over the years, has accumulated countless expensive designer sarees & lehengas.

‘I realised that I would never be able to wear the sheer volume of beautiful garments I had collected over the years’.

These “one of a kind designer clothes” simply could not go to waste; they were just too precious to not be appreciated by others. Therefore, she decided the best way to share these high-end, designer sarees, gowns & accessories was to launch a website, giving these beautiful hand-crafted pieces a new lease of life.

The platform is the ONLY specific market place to buy & sell your exclusive, designer garments.

This platform is a unique opportunity for others, like herself, to sell and make profit from their perfectly maintained goods, as well as giving someone else the chance to buy and enjoy these items, whilst also reducing wastage.

Their clients range across all age groups, countries & cultures. All items are heavily discounted, which gives the customer the opportunity to wear clothes that they possibly could never afford before!

New items are regularly submitted by our community of sellers, which enables buyers to search “The must have fashion pieces” daily. This leads to an exciting and unique shopping experience for both the seller and buyer.

The process is simple!

Buy, sell, or do both!

Lots of Love,
Shashi Gossain

Founder and CEO,
Top Indian Designers Ltd